Internet Providers in Tucson, Arizona

It may look like finding an internet provider might be easy at first glance. But if you have a lot of choices for your area, or don't know who can offer you service, it can become much more complicated. When you add that to needing to stick to your budget and understanding your internet usage, as well as the different internet types, one small task can quickly snowball into something no one wants to deal with.

So let’s take a look at what’s available in Tucson.

But when you have a resource that has done most of the searching for you, there's no need to worry about anything else except getting online. There's also no need to worry about doing all that work to find a provider, only to discover that they can't service your area. Below are the internet providers in Tucson.


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Although Comcast may bring to mind cable television, it's also a very popular internet provider. Digital cable is well-known for its reliability as well as its ability to suit most budgets. Comcast's popular bundles allow subscribers to put their television, phone and internet on one bill, as well as receive special incentives like free equipment.

Western Broadband

This company provides wireless internet service via DSL, also called WDSL, by placing an antenna on the roof of your home or business, and then connecting you to the internet via a cable into your home. This eliminates the need to run cables across your property. This always-on connection can reach speeds of 512 Kbps for downloads.


A relatively new player on the scene, Cogent launched its internet backbone just five years ago. But today, this company continues to gain popularity with the many homes and businesses it serves. Customers of this company can get speeds which range anywhere from 1.5 to 1,000 Mbps, and a bottleneck-free experience is what this company promises.

Cox Communications

Cable internet is what's offered by Cox Communications, and many customers enjoy the reliability of this internet type. Speeds can reach 55 Mbps when the company's Power Boost option is chosen. Always on and unaffected by the weather, Cox Communications is available in a wide range of speeds and prices, from Basic to Premier.


Offering a number of connections for both business and residential customers, Covad's prices are all-inclusive, and they serve over forty states in the U. S. Speeds with this company come in at approximately 50 times faster than dial-up, and include email, web hosting and firewall. Covad also offers T1 services for businesses.

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